#CareforKarigars – by Papa Don’t Preach and Kresha Bajaj

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#CareforKarigars is a joint initiative started by well-known Indian designers Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika and Kresha Bajaj to keep the art of indian artistry alive amongst the pandemic that is COVID-19.

On 27th March the government of India announced an immediate 21 day lockdown which had been extended until 3rd May 2020. As this may seem like a difficult time for many Indian brands, it’s nothing compared to what the Karigars in the Indian fashion industry face. Most Karigars are migrant labourers who come from smaller parts of India and are the sole providers of their families of 6-8 members. While the government and multiple NGOs try to support them, it is not enough due to their sheer volume and the geographical difficulties in reaching some of them.

The term Karigar is one that’s used very broadly in the industry. Karigars include – raw material producers, artisans, weavers, dyers, embroiders, and tailors, without who brands would struggle. They’re the pillars of the industry and their persistent dedication and exceptional craftsmanship is what brings designers creativity and story to life.

The Indian Apparel and Textile Industry is one of the country’s largest sources of job creation, employing about 45 million people directly. But as The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI) stated, the government will seemingly be able to support this industry only for the next 3-4 months, but COVID-19 will adversely impact fashion businesses and its participants for the next one year. Manufacturing will only commence after 2-3 months, which puts Karigars in massive jeopardy as they wait for work to start so they can support their families.

Taking this grave matter into consideration, the teams at Papa Don’t Preach and Kresha Bajaj have decided to start a joint initiative – “Care For Karigars” to fundraise money for Karigars. Two fashion brands coming together for a larger goal.

As part of the initiative, Kresha Bajaj has created a limited edition cape and Papa Don’t Preach is offering their bestseller – an embroidered belt bag, each signature product will be priced at only INR 5,000. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these items will be donated to Karigars and their families. To ensure that craftsmanship continues to preserve their artistry, earn a sustainable income and encourage future generations to continue the tradition by passing it on to them and ensuring their skills stay relevant and alive.

We at Papa Don’t Preach and Kresha Bajaj #careforkarigars and we know you do too. It is time Fashion took a backseat and let Karigari take center stage!

Join Papa Don’t Preach & Kresha Bajaj in their effort to save the artists of our country – our Karigars and their artistry during this difficult time and also work together towards building a sustainable community for Karigars.

To shop their exclusive #CareforKarigar pieces follow the link below:

Papa Don’t Preach- https://www.papadontpreach.com/products/care-for-karigars

Kresha Bajaj- https://www.kreshabajaj.com/product/careforkarigars/


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