Be My Galentine?

All the single ladies, put your hands up because this year we are all about Galentines! The time for your ride or die gal pals this season of love has arrived and how! Not convinced why you should give Cupid a run for his money this Valentine’s Day, we are here to give you three reasons you why you absolutely have to ditch the romance for your girl-gang this V-Day!

1. Sisters Before Misters

Remember when the boy with the dreamy eyes gave you a case of the butterflies but then turned out be the stuff of nightmares? But your girlfriends came to the rescue, dusted off the boy drama and watched The Notebook on repeat all whilst showering you with love, compliments and chocolate! We know boys come and go but your girls are forever, this Galentines Day get together and binge watch your favorite flicks together!

2. Kaybeedoodledo’s Tees

Old school broken heart necklaces with a modern day twist by Kaybeedoodledo are the perfect excuse to spoil your girls rotten! Doodled fabulously on tees, your bff and you get one half of the locket, each! Already day dreaming of the drool worthy pictures for the gram with your future maid of honor? Get your hands on this pair of tees for you and your best gal today! What’s more, taking social media by storm with her fabulous illustrations, Kaybeedoodledo is throwing in a special edition Galentines Day postcard too with your orders! Get your hands on this goodness here:

3. Girls On The Lose!

What better than Galentines to get together with all your girls and dedicate it to one another! Go on a shopping spree, take a hike or even do a bubbly and brunch. Drama free, no FOMO and heaps of love and laughter to go around is everything Galentines day is made of and gals day out or a fancy dinner will remind you of all the reasons why your bffs are your soul mates!

Share you Galentine’s Day pictures with us in Kaybeedoodledo’s broken locket tees to spread the cheer and joy of your take on the day of love

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